Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Erecting the frame was fun!  I suppose anything would have been a welcome change from the anxious wait for shipping.

While I was waiting for my packages to arrive I had managed to buy some rods and cut them to size.   Then I spent the next 2 weeks alternately staring at the tracking info on my packages and looking at the lonely row of unconnected rods on my workbench.  And of course the first package to arrive contained motors, not the most interactive of components...

Soon enough I got my printed parts and it was time to build.

Tools I used:

  • small pliers. (I didn't want to over tighten any nuts)
  • scalpel for cleaning parts
  • 8mm drill bit for reaming holes
  • a copy of the Prusa Mendel Visual Instructions by Gary Hodgson.  I viewed this on my iPad to save paper
  • an "object with precisely 290mm length" and an "object with precisely 234mm length".  Make these out of rod or anything else you have lying around.  I used a wooden ruler.
My ruler jig.  It's a little too flexible, lengths of smooth rod would be better.
Assembling the frame was straight forward.  In short - make a triangle, make another triangle, join them together, now adjust all the rods so the jig barely fits.  The last step takes a longer than you think as quite often one adjustment will affect other parts of the frame.

Triangle, triangle
Join and adjust.  Easy
I did come across one problem.  I was supplied with a bottom thicksheet that was slightly too big to fit between the bottom vertices.  To overcome this I had to completely loosen one side and move it approximately 10mm out.  I also had to make a new jig for this new measurement so everything would be in alignment again.

That's about as far as I've gotten with my frame so far.  My printable parts came with ABS bushings so I've been dragging my feet on doing any of the axes until I figured out what to do with them.  More on that in another post.

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