Monday, 12 September 2011

27 days and 12 hours ago I decided I wanted a 3D printer

The Thing-O-Matic, SUMPOD and Prusa.  Can you
guess which one doesn't have an advertising budget?
30 minutes later I was convinced I wanted a Thing-o-matic.  3 seconds after seeing the price I realized I had to do more research.  Thus started my journey along the path to building my own RepRap Prusa.

To be fair to Makerbot, the Thing-o-matic is reasonably priced kit for a 3d printer that wouldn't look out of place in a lounge room.  But the inital price and the weeks of lead time (shipping to Australia already takes forever) had me backing away from this purchase.  All the kits I investigate had long lead times and high prices.  The only kit I was seriously considering was the SUMPOD (their capitals, not mine), good looking and relatively kind on the wallet but there was a 12-week wait and a real need to scratch a DIY itch.  Then I found the Prusa.

Reasons I chose the Prusa:
  • can be low cost
  • upgradeable
  • can be sourced quickly
  • large build area
  • lots of documentation
  • can print it's own parts
  • potential to be very accurate
  • constantly evolving
  • upgradeable (it's very important to me)
  • lots of community support
Reasons against:
  • the aesthetics aren't wife friendly, so it will it stay on the workbench
  • potential to be very accurate - getting good prints will need work
  • upgradeable - this thing has the potential to be a money pit.  Australian money is plastic, maybe with the right extruder...
  • it doesn't vacuum, but I have a neato for that
2 days later I ordered my parts from all over the interwebs and began my 16 days of fasting waiting for shipping.

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